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Nike Free - Nike Free

Traditional sports shoes sports can protect the feet, but lost the foot comfort; Barefoot movement to free, but the damage to the feet is very big. So, NIKE FREE series can brings a perfect balance, it arouses people’s feet, make people like barefoot running on the ground, and at the same time give the best

NIKE FREE - characteristics
Traditional sports shoes the sole pressure area is relatively concentrated and the area is small, while NIKE FREE is completely the opposite: it makes the heel, thumb, metatarsal area are under more pressure, stress distribution is very uniform, the maximum simulation feel barefoot movement. When it comes to NIKE FREE design inspiration, toby said: “we found that the original grasslands in Africa and the Caribbean people barefoot running, their legs stronger and powerful and flexible. This makes us believe that natural forms of exercise can make stronger players.”

NIKE FREE - target

NIKE FREE series goal is to bring people liberated from the bondage of traditional sports shoes, your feet with shoes, your feet to control movement is the most true feelings. Since last year’s series of NIKE FREE run shop limit specified in the world for the first time since the sale, get a lot of sports enthusiasts alike. Many famous professional sports media and reality on the new technique: “the runners in the world” in the United States believe that NIKE FREE is shoemaking technology revolution; France’s international jogger is amazing, amazing NIKE FREE; A review of the coach, NIKE FREE of sports technology role beyond doubt.

FREE series of NIKE continuously research and development, the product of continuous improvement. Early launch NIEK PRESTO series, series of ideas about FREE discussion, but limited to the ?

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